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  • "Our motto this month is Present, Engaged and Supported." When absences start to add up, often the initial reaction is to blame the child or family for not caring enough to make school a priority. An emerging body of research shows that a positive problem-solving approach can improve attendance. Let us know if we can help, together we can make a difference!"


    "CHS is dedicating the month of January as "Attendance Awareness Month."  We want our students to complete a successful second quad, and January is a key month to making this happen. Our Goal is to improve our schools overall attendance rate from December to January.   We are going to need a collective and focused effort from everyone, staff and students alike in order to accomplish this.  Our motto this month is “Present, Engaged and Supported!”  We also know that “Strong relationships motivate students to participate in learning even when it isn't easy.” Together we can do this!  Please follow our Centennial High School Instagram account as more information will be shared throughout the month of January."





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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • "Attendance Matters! Even before the coronavirus crisis, school absenteeism represented

    an enormous threat to many students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Continued Regular attendance in school encourages academic and social-emotional success. 

    It’s about building and maintaining relationships between students and teachers!

    Research shows that students who lack meaningful social connections are at risk for 

    attendance and other related challenges. . A common misconception is that it’s 

    all right to miss school but a lack of engagement now could mean academic

    struggles in the future.  Please feel free to reach out to us as we can help"



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