• A message from the Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources
    It is a pleasure and privilege to serve the district and community that supported me as a student.
    As Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources for the Centennial School District, my goal is to support and encourage a healthy, fair, and academically focused atmosphere, allowing students and staff the opportunity to reach their full potential.
    In Centennial, we believe ethnicity, economic circumstance, primary language, and special needs do not predict academic success.  Instead, our belief is that a teacher’s effective use of research-based instructional strategies predicts academic success.  To this end, I am committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting staff in all positions who share a passion for excellence and enjoy working with students from a diversity of backgrounds.
    The Centennial School District Human Resources Department is dedicated to serving our staff and the community by providing a wide variety of services and opportunities.
    Please explore our webpage for job postings, salary schedules, union agreements, and opportunities to substitute.
    We invite you to discover all we have to offer.
    James Owens MAT
    Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources

    James Owens