• Partnership prepares students for future careers

    Centennial School District partners with the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) to provide high school students with the opportunity to explore their career interests and passions. CAL takes an in-depth approach to learning and provides career-specific training for students.  

    Approximately 100 junior and senior-students from Centennial High School participate in CAL annually. Centennial School District is one of three participating school districts at CAL, among Gresham-Barlow and Reynolds School Districts.

    CAL Student

    Every student takes four classes at CAL each year, along with their required classes at their respective high school. Student Aaron M., a junior in Centennial, is currently enrolled in the following classes – CAD: Computer-Aided Design, English, Introduction to Engineering, and Manufacturing Lab.

    In these classes, Aaron is currently at work on oxy-acetylene welding projects; 3D engine designs and printing; and even a rocket project, in which students must calculate mass, speed, and acceleration in an attempt to land their rockets in the same exact location.

    Aaron’s experience at CAL has been extremely positive. He shared, “I love learning about these things and interacting with others who have similar interests to me. Plus, the classroom environment is similar to a work environment. It’s exciting and a great experience for the future!”

    Aaron has dreams of becoming a Diesel Technician at Ford someday. From working on his family’s Ford F-250 to the skills he learns every day in his classes – Aaron is well on his way. 

    When asked what advice he’d give to other students, Aaron responded this way: “Always pursue your passions and interests deeper and further. And if you have the chance, I’d definitely recommend taking courses at CAL. You will get very valuable skills here. I’m really glad I joined CAL. It’s been really fun with so many important upsides and opportunities.”