• Registration FAQ


    Who can register a student?

    Only custodial parents can enroll their student in a

    What do I need to register a student?

    You will need

    • Proof of student’s birthdate
      • birth certificate, hospital certificate or other legal identification
    • Proof of residence address:
      • Utility bills (such as a cable, electric, gas, water or phone within the last 90 days), mortgage statement, etc
    • Immunization records


    • The District and your child’s school uses email as a primary form of communication. Be sure to input your email address and update it, if it changes in the future. Each Parent/Guardian should have a unique email address
    • Include at least one emergency contact – including their address and phone number
    • Include physician and dentist phone numbers

    Which students can be registered online?

    Students living inside the Centennial School District boundary area attending grades K-12 can be registered online.

    Where do I pick up an enrollment form?

    Registration packets are available both online here and in school offices.

    Who can I contact if I have questions about the registration process?

    If you have any questions about registering your child, please contact your enrolling school.