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  • "Research shows that the transition to high school is not easy for many students and attendance often declines in the 9th grade. If left unaddressed, this easily translates into lower academic achievement and over time dropping out of high school.   We have counselors and other support staff to help engage and mentor students.  Our staff is available and can help!"

  • Credit Recovery Sign-up Procedure:

    Step 1: Get form from counseling office, read document, get signed by parent/guardian and yourself.


    Step 2: Turn in the signed form to your counselor to determine the classes you need for credit recovery.


    Step 3: Your counselor will return the form to you.


    Step 4: Complete online registration → http://tinyurl.com/chsfall2021cr  


    Step 5: Show up to the first Tuesday or Thursday session after completing steps 1 - 4. 


    Please bring your registration from with you.

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