REAP is a year-round multicultural youth leadership program committed to empowering the next wave of leaders. Since 2001, REAP has emerged as one of the exemplary youth development program models in the State of Oregon. Our program staff work in schools and engage ALL students to be global leaders through leadership development, cooperative management (conflict resolution), civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and youth voice. Commonly known for our ability to engage students and develop their leadership potential, REAP has become a resource to business leaders, educators, elected officials, community advocates, and parents.

    REAP brings students into a community of learning and leadership through programs that proactively ignite, elevate, and engage student voice that enhances school climate. The mission of REAP is to proactively ignite, elevate, and engage the next wave of leaders for the future, now. Our pipeline for leadership development starts as young as elementary school and continues into post-secondary and career. To learn more about REAP visit at www.reapusa.org