• Powell Butte Elementary School

    2020-21  Kindergarten DISTANCE LEARNING School Supply List




    Pencil sharpeners

    Student scissors

    Glue sticks

    Liquid school glue


    Student whiteboard 

    Whiteboard (dry erase) pens

    Whiteboard (dry erase) eraser

    Play Doh/dough

    Blank paper

    Construction paper

    Container to hold supplies


           Selecting school supplies is always at the family’s discretion.  Most of these school supplies can be found at numerous stores in-person or online, including discount stores like Dollar Tree.  You can also try other stores like Target, Fred Meyer, Walmart, Office Depot, Amazon and many more.  Our teachers have had the best luck with brands such as PRANG, CRAYOLA, TICONDEROGA, ELMERS, FISKARS & EXPO.

    If you need assistance with getting school supplies, you may contact the SUN Coordinator or Powell Butte School Counselor.  503-762-3204