• Inclement Weather Operating Guidelines for 2020-21

    We have updated our inclement weather operating guidelines in response to the pandemic.  The District will remain open and operating during inclement weather. This change reflects our ability to deliver Comprehensive Distance Learning to students and services to students and families while working remotely and to limit the further disruption to instruction for students. 

    Should you have any questions about the new guidelines please connect with your school. 

    Information will be communicated to students, families and staff in the following manner:

    • BlackBoard call 

    • Centennial website

    • Flash Alert will notify local news stations

    Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) Mode

    Instruction to students — and services to students, families and districts — will continue when Centennial is operating in CDL mode, despite inclement weather. In the event of a power outage affecting connectivity, principals and supervisors will assess their specific program, school, and/or department's ability to provide instruction and services.