SUN School at Powell Butte

  • Josiah Green

    Sun Site Manager



  • Hi and welcome to SUN at Powell Butte. We are currently accepting applications for enrollment into the Winter SUN program happening Jan 10th-March 4th. Due to Covid we are only accepting a limited number of students so turn in your registration form soon to be in the lottery drawing! Please see below for current clubs offered:
    • Monday/Wednesday
      • Art club 1st-3rd grade
      • Lego Robotics (Monday Only) 4th-6th Grade
      • Basketball 4th-6th Grade
    • Tuesday/Thursday
      • Growing Gardens 1st-3rd Grade
      • Chess 4th-6th Grade
      • Movement Club 1st-3rd Grade
    If you have any questions you can always reach out to Coach Green at 971-280-2590 or email at josiahg@irco.org.
    Hope to see you soon!