• Butler Creek Elementary

    School Profile

    Butler Creek Logo


    Address: 2789 SW Butler Rd, Gresham, OR 97080

    Phone: 503-762-6100

    Website: www.csd28j.org/bc 

    Principal: Gayle Imran-Sideris

    Assistant Principal: Karen Kennedy

    Grades: K-6 (2021-22); K-5 (starting in Fall 2022)

    Mascot: Bobcat

    Vision: We will create a caring and engaging learning environment that affirms each person, encourages life-long learning and inspires curiosity each day.  

    Mission: Community, Equity, Excellence

    Basic Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP) Goals: 

    • 100% of our students will show improvement throughout the school year with at least 80% of our students meeting the grade level benchmark standard in both reading and math STAR assessments.
    • We will build a community at Butler Creek that values every member and stakeholder as measured by student, parent and staff perception data. 


    Academic School Day Program:

    Music, social/emotional, language, PE, Counseling, Title I Literacy, Outdoor School, library

    Standard District Services/Programs:

    English Language Development, Special Education Programs, District Functional Living Skills Classroom

    School-wide Enrichment Programs:

    Oregon Battle of the Books, Books and Beyond, Lunch Buddies

    After School Programs:


    Parent/Family Partnership Opportunities: PTA

    2020 Bond Project Improvements at Butler Creek Elementary:

    • Exterior painting
    • Safety and security upgrades (cameras, intrusion alarms, IT infrastructure)
    • Minor roof repairs
    • Mechanical repairs

    Oregon at-a-Glance School Profile: www.csd28j.org/Page/1094