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  • Centennial High School

    School Profile


    CHS Logo


    3505 SE 182nd Ave., Portland, OR 97236



    Principal: Marin Miller 

    Assistant Principals:

    • Terrance Schloth
    • Laura Scully
    • Carl Reinhold 

    Assistant Principal/Athletic Director:

    • Daunte  Gouge 

    Dean of Students:

    • Conrad Schumacher

    Grades: 9-12

    Mascot: Eagle

    Mission: All students will demonstrate high academic standards in an equitable, supportive school culture and graduate college and career ready.

    Basic Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP) Goals: 

    • Raise Graduation Rate to 95%
    • Raise Freshman on Track rate to 95%
    • Students complete a pathway of study


    Academic School Day Program

    Band, Choir, CHS Talon Newspaper, Drama, Student Government, Yearbook, Robotics

    Standard District Services/Programs: English Language Development (ELD), Special Education


    School-wide Enrichment Programs: 

    BSU, College Possible, FBLA, GSA, HTAC, Key Club, MEChA, MESA, NHS, Racquetball,  REAP (multicultural youth leadership program), Robotics,  Screen Printing Club, Speech and Debate, Student Council, TRIO, Yearbook, Homework and Tutoring through SUN,, Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN)

    Athletics: Find a current list of athletic opportunities at www.csd28j.org/chsathletics 

    Parent/Family Partnership Opportunities: Booster Club, Zumba through SUN

    2020 Bond Project Improvements at Centennial High School:

    The wood floors in the Centennial High School main gym were stripped, sanded, repaired, sealed, and striped. The striping included a large center Eagles logo. 

    $2 Million worth of roof repairsSix new tennis courts Drainage improvements

    Mechanical system and controls improvements, Expanded safety & security systems (access controls, cameras, intrusion alarms, IT infrastructure) Pool repairs (pool deck, pool shell, pool plumbing system) New flooring in locker rooms.

    Oregon at-a-Glance School Profile: www.csd28j.org/Page/1095