Meadows Elementary

    School Profile

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    Address: 18009 SE Brooklyn St, Portland, OR 97236

    Phone: 503-762-3208 Absentee line- 503-762-7241

    Website: www.csd28j.org/me 

    Principal: Lisa Clingan

    Grades: K-6 (2021-22); K-5 (starting in Fall 2022)

    Mascot: Tiger Cubs

    School Hours: 8:50-2:57 

    Office Hours 7:30am-3:30pm

    Wednesday 9:50-2:57

    Breakfast available at 8:20 (9:20 on Wednesdays) 



    • We are safe, supported, and inspired to grow.


    • Through the combined efforts of staff, parents, students, and the community at Meadows, we will:

      • Foster meaningful relationships;

      • Celebrate, value, and engage our diverse community;

      • Provide equitable and consistent supports;

      • Provide engaging and effective instructional practices to inspire curiosity; and

      • Develop perseverance

    Fostering meaningful relationshipsCelebrating, valuing, and engaging our diverse communityProviding equitable and consistent supports  Providing engaging and effective instructional practices to inspire curiosityDeveloping perseverance

    Basic Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP) Goals: 

    All staff have the skills & supports to deliver effective instruction that is relevant and responsive for all students. Integrated teaming is supported by professional development, coaching and data in order to tier supports and interventions for students. Stakeholders generate shared definitions and agreement upon common metrics regarding healthy school culture and climate.  Ensure safe and secure facilities that support teaching and learning.


    Academic School Day Program

    Caring School Community (social emotional learning program), Counseling, Title 1 (K-3), Outdoor School (grade 6), Shadow Project 

    School-wide Enrichment Programs: 

    Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN), Lunch Bunch, Book Club, Rainbow Club (LGBTQIA+), Shared community garden space

    Standard District Services/Programs: 

    English Language Development (ELD); Special Education

    Parent/Family Partnership Opportunities: Strong Parent Teacher Organization

    2020 Bond Project Improvements at Meadows Elementary:

    New, dedicated 7000 square foot gymnasium facilityDrainage improvementsExtensive roof repairsWindow repairsNew lighting throughout the schoolExpanded playground equipment Safety and security (security vestibule, cameras, intrusion alarms, IT infrastructure, fire alarm system)Floor tile removal and polishing of concrete floors in corridors and the cafeteriaMechanical improvements

    Oregon at-a-Glance School Profile: https://www.csd28j.org/domain/346