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Exciting Changes: Centennial’s Athletic Programs

In Centennial, it’s important that students have a well-rounded education that includes meaningful participation in school activities, clubs, and sports.

As the District returned to full in-person learning this year and sports came back to more normalcy, it was a valuable time to reassess and revisit our athletic program needs to better serve our students who have an interest in sports. Research has shown a correlation between academic performance and school-sponsored activities including athletics demonstrating better G.P.A. outcomes and higher educational pursuits beyond high school.

We’re in the process of building an “Ideal Athletic Program” in Centennial that includes the input of a group of stakeholders composed of parents, coaches, youth sports leaders, district administrators, and school board members. This 3-5 year plan will incorporate excellence in our sports programs in the key areas of character, technique, and tactics. This collaborative visioning process for athletic programming aligns with Effective Systems & Programs, a key priority in our District’s Strategic Plan Destination 2023, and will serve to further improve the conditions of our athletics programming in Centennial. We’ll continue to share more information as the program develops.

Additionally, we reviewed our classification in sports in respect to competitiveness and a sense of efficacy for our student athletes. As a result, Centennial submitted a reclassification to the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) for the timeblock of 2022-2026 to change from the 6A Mt. Hood Conference to the 5A-Northwest Conference. Ninety percent of Centennial High School coaches, teachers, and student athletes surveyed supported this decision, according to feedback obtained in early October 2021.

This request coincides with OSAA’s Classification and Districting committee timeline of deciding final league classifications every four years.

The OSAA Executive Board approved Centennial’s request for reclassification and starting in the fall of 2022, Centennial will change from the 6A Mt. Hood Conference to the 5A-Northwest Conference. Other current 5-A Northwest Conference Schools include Canby, Hillsboro, La Salle Prep, Milwaukie/Academy of the Arts, Parkrose, Putnam, and Wilsonville.

Additionally, Centennial will continue to play non-league games against several of the current league opponents in the 6A Mt. Hood Conference for most sports. Schedules will be developed for the 2022-23 season after January 2022.

We are hopeful that the next four years will provide opportunities to develop our youth sports programs and further our strategic work toward creating a strong athletic program in Centennial. This includes bringing back and building up our middle school athletic offerings, which we’ve started doing so this school year with the addition of 7th and 8th grade boys and girls basketball

We believe our students can succeed and excel in every aspect of their school and the broader community. We look forward to supporting our student athletes to become the best they can be in the Centennial School District.