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Destination 2023

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Centennial School District’s Continuous Improvement Plan

Student-Focused Teaching & Learning All staff have the skills & supports to deliver effective instruction that is relevant and responsive for all students

Healthy Culture & Environment We share a vision for a healthy school culture and climate and agree on how we will measure it in our schools

Effective Systems & Programs School staff participate on teams to deepen their own learning and support student success

Community & Partnerships Partnerships support our programs, schools, and processes to increase access and supports for all students

Equity The idea that EACH and EVERY learner will receive the necessary resources they need individually to thrive in our schools no matter what.

“We are creating a comprehensive system that provides high quality teaching and support at every level. Equity is our compass and will guide us every step of the way. Our educators understand who each of our students are, and what they need to be successful. The path may look different for each student.” – Dr. Paul Coakley, Superintendent

Our Vision: Centennial School District builds authentic relationships with our diverse community that equitably engages and honors all voices. We intentionally implement rigorous, culturally relevant, and evidencebased practices to cultivate academic excellence for each student.

Our Mission: Collaborating in Community, Cultivating Equity, Inspiring Excellence