• Centennial High School Pool Repairs In-Progress

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 4/28/2022 11:30:00 AM

    CHS Pool ConstructionPool repairs have started at Centennial High School! These repairs include draining the main pool area and saw-cutting the shell to perform selective demolition in order to replace the pump and drain lines. The pool will receive a restored shell with a ceramic tile finish for improved water-tightness and overall extended longevity with accent colors to promote school spirit. The diving board and starting stands will be replaced with OSAA compliant equipment. 

    In addition, the mechanical lines, pumps, filtration systems and mechanical room ventilation will be upgraded and/or replaced for improved water quality and safety. New LED lighting will be provided overhead and around the perimeter. The surrounding pool deck will be repaired and coated with an anti-slip coating for improved safety. Colored accent tiles for the pool perimeter have been selected and ordered. The pool is currently scheduled to be completed by early Fall. 

    Thanks to the community’s support for making this possible! We are so excited for this updated space to be available for our students and the community to enjoy. 

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  • IT Infrastructure Updates across the District

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 4/21/2022 8:20:00 AM

    framer working on tech closetThanks to the 2020 bond, schools are receiving various security improvements which include IT infrastructure upgrades at each of our schools. Each school’s technology network closet will support additional safety and security devices such as security cameras, intercoms, and improved fire alarm systems that are being installed at many schools. IT Infrastructure work includes:

    •     Mechanical ventilation equipment which will help extend the life of the network equipment;
    •       Physical security improvements for core network equipment and access systems; and 
    •       Power voltage upgrades that will support upgraded school safety and security systems devices. 

    This work is taking place now and into the fall. Thanks to our community’s support of these improvements that will result in better security and support of technology needs at our school campuses. 

    Photo caption: In this photo, a framer is expanding one of the two existing technology closets at Centennial Middle School and applying plywood backers for the new security and intercom panels that will go into this space.

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  • Centennial Middle School hosts first at-home meet on new Track and Field

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 4/14/2022 9:30:00 AM

    On Thursday, April 7, 2022, Centennial Middle School hosted its first at-home track and field meet of the season! 

    The sun was shining and spirits were high as student athletes participated in the meet, which marked the first event on the new track and field event areas since they were resurfaced last summer. Parents and some furry friends were also in attendance to cheer on our athletes! 

    Thank you to our community for their support of the 2020 Bond that made the track and field improvements at CMS and Oliver possible!

    student athlete at track meetstudent athlete at track meet

    student athlete at track meetstudent athlete at track meet

    student athlete at track meetstudent athlete at track meet

    student athlete at track meetstudent athlete at track meet

    student athlete at track meetstudent athlete at track meet

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  • Construction Update for the New Elementary Gyms

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 4/7/2022 2:12:00 PM

    It’s time for an update on the four new elementary gyms that are being constructed for Meadows, Patrick Lynch, Parklane and Powell Butte elementary schools. At Meadows, the slab is placed, waterproofing has been applied, and wall framing has begun. At Patrick Lynch, the slab concrete is currently being placed. At Parklane, the foundation excavation has been started with some very large boulders that have been encountered. At Powell Butte, some old abandoned septic tanks were discovered and will have to be properly filled before construction can commence. 

    concrete floor of gym

    Meadows Elementary

    construction work

    Patrick Lynch Elementary

    construction equipment

    Parklane Elementary

    underground construction

    Powell Butte Elementary

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  • Progress Made Over Spring Break

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 3/31/2022 1:00:00 PM

    Over Spring Break week, multiple projects were underway across schools in our district including at:

    -Pleasant Valley: Roofing inspections were conducted to prepare for roof replacement and repairs planned for this summer. Additionally, site evaluation of the basement was done to prepare for seismic improvements slated for this summer.

    four individuals inspecting a roof

    -Centennial Middle School: Work entailed the completion of two science lab classrooms, renovations of two science labs classrooms, installation of temperature control in main data closets, and beginning renovations of the media center.

    demolition of media center

    -Meadows: Concrete floors were polished in the rear corridor.

    person polishing concrete floor

    -Oliver: The Career Technical Education (CTE) labs were completed and renovations continued for the locker rooms, the media center, and science labs.

    image of new CTE Classroom

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  • Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Update

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 3/21/2022 1:45:00 PM

    2020 Bond Project Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Update

    On Thursday, March 17, 2022, the Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) met to discuss and learn about the latest progress on current and upcoming 2020 Bond projects including pool repairs, mechanical systems, security systems, elementary gyms, and more. You can find the meeting agenda here: https://www.csd28j.org/Page/723

    The purpose of the Bond Oversight Committee is to actively monitor the progress of the bond program, ensure bond revenues are used only for purposes consistent with the voter-approved 2020 bond measure and consistent with state law, and serve as a conduit of information to the Board and community. 

    To learn more about the BOC, visit https://www.csd28j.org/Page/189.


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  • Renovations at Centennial Middle School and Oliver

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 3/17/2022 8:30:00 AM

    As part of the bond 2020 work, renovations are taking place at Centennial Middle School (CMS) and Oliver next week during Spring Break. 

    Renovations at Oliver during the break include: completing one of the three new science rooms and two of the future career and technical education (CTE) labs. Also, construction will begin to convert three classrooms into the remaining two science labs, which will be completed mid-summer.

    During the break, renovations at CMS include: completing two new science labs and starting construction in the two oldest science labs and the media center, which will be completed mid-summer.

    Take a peek at some renderings of our middle school renovations below! Thank you to our voters support of the 2020 Bond, which is creating middle school spaces that will further benefit our students’ learning!

    CMS-Media CenterCMS-Science Classroom

    (From left) CMS Media Center and Science Classroom

    Oliver- Media CenterOliver- Science Classroom

    (From left) Oliver Media Center and Science Classroom

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  • Drainage Improvements In-Progress at Pleasant Valley Elementary School

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 3/10/2022 9:00:00 AM

    Open Trench Construction at Pleasant ValleyAs part of the 2020 Bond work, the District recently completed phase one of a two-phase project to improve storm water drainage at Pleasant Valley Elementary School. During phase one, the underground piping was replaced around the back side of the building in order to remedy past flooding of some of the classroom wings. Phase two, pending environmental permits, will complete the work around the front of the building and out to existing waterways. Some of you may have noticed black pipe laying on Pleasant Valley Elementary’s front lawn. That is temporary piping to mitigate historical basement flooding until phase two can be completed, at which time the piping will move underground. We will continue to share drainage improvement updates as the work progresses!

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  • The Latest Gym Progress at Meadows, Patrick Lynch, Parklane, and Powell Butte

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 3/3/2022 9:00:00 AM


    meadows gym work

    We are making progress on the new gym spaces at Meadows, Patrick Lynch, Parklane, and Powell Butte! The contractor has begun excavation for footings and utility lines. Formwork for the concrete has begun and underground plumbing is underway. Structural steel is currently in fabrication and set to hit the sites later this Spring. 

    We can’t wait for our students to enjoy these finished gyms, which we know will offer an incredible space for fitness and athletic opportunities. In the meantime, a focus on student and visitor safety is ever present with instructional signage and control fencing to separate those work activities. You may remember seeing what the gyms will look like when completed, but if not, you can find the gym renderings on our blog at www.csd28j.org/2020bondupdates or watch our gym groundbreaking video at https://bit.ly/33XXtkR!

    meadows gym constructionmeadows gym construction

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  • Q & A with Scott Rose

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 2/18/2022 8:35:00 AM

    Scott Rose HeadshotCentennial School District has received countless updates and changes at its schools, thanks to the passage of the 2020 bond. Some of this work has included extensive roof remodeling and repairs, site drainage updates, mechanical improvements, resurfaced tracks, refinished gyms, and interior and exterior renovations.

    Recently, we interviewed the person who’s helping make many of these positive changes a success! Scott Rose works for R&C Management LLC and is the Owner’s Representative for Centennial School District. He has been with the district since September 2020. He works daily to support bond projects and construction, and to help ensure that the promises we make as a district come to fruition for our students and school community.

    Below is the interview with Scott:

    How many years of experience do you have in school construction? 33 years – 7 years as an Owner’s Representative, then 21 years on the architectural side, and now 5 years back as an Owner’s Representative.

    When did you start your current role working for the Centennial School District? September 2020

    Why is it important to have an Owner’s Representative/Project Manager for a school construction bond? It is critical to bring an experienced individual or team on board who has completely ran school projects from the pre-bond planning through to the close-out and warranty phases as they can put together viable work plans and know what to anticipate. 

    What’s been most rewarding in your experience with Centennial’s 2020 Bond projects so far? The groundbreaking ceremonies with the students.

    What are you most looking forward to in the months ahead with Centennial’s 2020 Bond projects? The equitable and celebratory transformation of Oliver Elementary School into a Middle School.

    What would you share with a student who’s interested in going into the construction field? I would suggest they experience all parts of a project – planning ,design, and construction. I suggest they buy materials, run against a budget and schedule, and critically review their own work. By experiencing all the fun and challenging aspects of a project, only then will they be able to see from the other person’s perspective and become an empathetic partner in the process.

    What’s your favorite hobby or activity? I enjoy volunteering as a resource for caregivers that are caring for loved ones. My wife passed away from dementia, and I continue to help others caring for their loved ones.

    What’s your favorite food? I enjoy authentic Mexican food – especially the handmade tamales in the summer from a local farmer’s market near me.

    What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? My wife told me to slow down and enjoy the ordinary moments of life, until they become extraordinary.


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