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6-8 Get Real Education Instructional Materials




District instructional resources for comprehensive sexuality education are designed to promote healthy, safe, violence-free communities for all people. This includes promoting concepts and fostering skills for healthy individuals and healthy relationships in age-appropriate ways. Centennial supports teachers with approved instructional resources that are aligned to the 2023 Health Education Standards


GET REAL Instructional Materials

The Get Real middle school curriculum consists of 27 sequential lessons taught across the middle school years—9 lessons each in Grades 6, 7 and 8. Get Real is designed to delay sex and increase correct and consistent use of protection methods when a person becomes sexually active.

The Get Real instructional materials are based on state and national frameworks that emphasize social and emotional learning skills such as self awareness, self- management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. If young people can negotiate relationships, they can better negotiate sexual relationships. These skills are integrated into the content of the lesson through activities and process questions. From

More About Get Real:

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Specific Grade Level Overview
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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention:

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention - Grade 6

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention - Grade 7

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention - Grade 8

Comprehensive Gender Education:

Comprehensive Gender Education - Grade 6

Comprehensive Gender Education - Grade 7

Comprehensive Gender Education - Grade 8

Social and Emotional Learning:

Social and Emotional Learning - Grade 6

Social and Emotional Learning - Grade 7

Social and Emotional Learning - Grade 8


Tribal History/Shared History - 8th Grade Lesson Page 2