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General Information


Centennial strives to cultivate the talents of new teachers and provide continuous training for all staff. The goal is that staff members work collaboratively and focus on the use of proven strategies that will increase the academic performance of the district’s diverse student body.


Throughout the ups and downs of Oregon’s economy and the state legislature’s unpredictable support for schools, the Centennial School Board and district leaders have stayed committed to providing as stable a financial footing as possible. The district scrutinizes expenditures to ensure new programs can be sustained for the long haul with direct services to students remaining a top priority.


The Centennial School District was created from two former K-8 elementary districts (Lynch and Pleasant Valley) and the high school those students attended Centennial. Residents voted in 1976 to combine the two districts and the high school, which previously was part of the Gresham Union High School District. The new K-12 district was named Centennial in recognition of the nation’s bi-centennial celebration.


Collaborating in Community – Cultivating Equity – Inspiring Excellence