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Strategic Plan 2027

Roadmap 27During the 2022-2023 school year, Centennial School District will engage in a comprehensive Strategic Planning process. The strategic plan acts as a roadmap for our school system and where we are heading. 

Its primary aim is to align all stakeholders on a shared vision, common goals, and unified direction for our district’s educational efforts for the next four years. Community-wide involvement is vital to the Strategic Planning process; therefore, we are designing the process in ways that will embrace the diverse voices of our district’s stakeholders.  

Our strategic planning includes several key groups who will help develop our roadmap and include a – Student Voice Focus Group, Core Planning Team, Instructional Focus Team, Alignment Team, Student Voice Team, and Family and Community Forums.

The teams consist of a cross-section of all stakeholders, including students, family members, representatives from community partnerships, licensed and classified staff, administrators, and school board members.

Our team members will commit to engaging in the process with their presence and ideas at every step of the process, as we weave together a plan that fits our district’s unique context.  Every voice counts!

All decisions at Centennial School District are made to support our students, families and staff. These decisions will be impactful, empowering and effective in ways that positively affect all stakeholders.

Learn more about the development of this plan as we formulate this planning process.

Click the video link to the right of this page to learn more. 

You can also view a short presentation here that will be shared with the Oregon Department of Education. 

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Click the image below to view the CSD Integrated Plan March 22, 2023 Board Presentation.                                              

 CSD Integrated Plan March 22, 2023       

Click the image below to view the Strategic Plan DRAFT ODE EDITION March 8, 2023 Board Presentation.

 gic Plan DRAFT ODE EDITION March 8, 2023  

Strategic Planning Committees


Strategic Planning Committees

Student Voice Focus Groups

Lead the process by providing student perspectives on important facets of their school experience.

Click here to view our Student Voice Gallery

Alignment Team

Gathers data to engage in responsive design.  Aligns all stakeholders on a shared vision, common goals, and unified direction for our district’s educational efforts.



Core Planning Team

Shepherds the process from beginning to end, maintains focus, direction and productivity, inspires vision and strategic action.

Click here to view our Core Planning Gallery

Family and Community Forums

Provide family and community perspectives and input into the process and strategic planning outcomes.



Instructional Focus Team

Shepherds the process with a focus on instruction from beginning to end.  Identifies professional practices and instructional approaches and strategies that will enhance the effectiveness of our instructional programs.  Shapes the future direction of high-quality teaching and learning.

Click here to view our Instructional Focus Gallery

Student Voice Team

Provides and ensures the focus and action planning are centered on the student experience.

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