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School Level Communicable Disease Plans

Communicable Disease Management Plans


The Centennial School District 2023-24 School Level Communicable Disease Management Plans shows information the District collects from students, staff, volunteers, and contractors about the following communicable diseases only: COVID-19, hMPXV (‘monkeypox’), measles, meningitis, pertussis (‘whooping cough’), and varicella (chickenpox’). The information contained reflects confirmed cases* of communicable diseases in each school. *MESD, in collaboration with Multnomah Public Health and our school buildings, investigates ALL reports and adjusts the information to replicate confirmed cases of the communicable diseases listed.


Centennial School District staff and families may opt to use the presented information when making a personal risk assessment for potential exposure to infectious diseases and to adjust their personal mitigation activities accordingly.  Individuals may choose to take preventative measures like wearing a mask, increasing hand washing at school and at home, and monitoring and reporting symptoms of illness to school or work if there appears to be an increased number of cases.

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Student and Staff Case Positive Cases Report Below

As was shared in March 2022, in alignment with Multnomah County Public Health (MCPH), Centennial is utilizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Community Level tool to determine indoor mask requirements. The tool places communities into three levels - low, medium and high - based on three key weekly indicators. 

In relation to the CDC Community Levels, masking in Centennial School District is as follows:

To view the most current CDC COVID-19 Community Level for Mulnomah County, please use the CDC tool below.