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Boundary Review

Boundary Review Overview

Boundary Review Overview

Click here for the boundary map taking effect starting in the 2022-23 school year.

Boundary Review Overview

In summer 2021, Centennial School District began a comprehensive review of all school attendance areas in our district. This review was concluded in spring 2022.

The goal of the boundary review and 6th grade reconfiguration was to provide age-appropriate programming and ensure continuity with neighboring districts to ensure every student had what they needed to learn and thrive.

• Previously, Centennial School District had imbalanced enrollment throughout elementary schools and the middle school in the district, leading to the initiation of a boundary review process.
• There was a need to balance K-5 enrollment within the physical capacity of the school buildings district-wide.
• With the development on the south end of the district which impacted enrollment.
• The boundary review process informed and supported the conversion to six K-5 grade elementary schools and two 6-8 grade middle schools with the conversion of Oliver Elementary to a middle school in the 2022–23 school year.

Other related details:
• Centennial School District serves over 5K students across six K-5 grade elementary schools, two 6-8 grade middle schools, and one 9-12 grade high school with a total of over 5K students.
• The conversion of Oliver Elementary into a middle school was part of the 2020 Bond approved by voters in May of 2020 and included  a library, science, locker rooms, and career technical improvements to the building.
• No grade reconfiguration or boundary changes were proposed for the high school.

A community survey collected our community’s ideas about the important topics to consider for the boundary review process from July 23, 2021 to September 10, 2021. The survey was available in English, Spanish and Russian. Survey results can be found here.

Throughout the Boundary Review process, school communities were kept informed and involved to understand and provide feedback on potential changes. Following the survey, process updates were shared on our website and communication materials, virtual community meetings, and the convening of a Boundary Review Committee to review community input and analyze potential boundary review scenarios.

The Superintendent received the proposed adjustments to our school attendance areas from the Boundary Review Committee and made a recommendation to the School Board.

The Boundary Review process at work

Centennial School District partnered with FLO Analytics, a local consulting company specializing in data-driven boundary review services. Together, they planned to analyze population forecasts, enrollment projections and land use trends over the months that follwoed. In the fall of 2021, the Boundary Review Committee convened to analyze boundary options, receive community feedback on those options, and developed a final recommendation to the Superintendent. The Superintendent then vetted the recommendations and made a recommendation to the School Board for approval.

We heard from you. We share information, hosted community meetings and conducted surveys to ensure our families were well informed throughout the process and had multiple opportunities to engage. Our goal was to develop a comprehensive plan that promoted optimal learning environments and ensured equitable opportunities for every student we serve.