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Video Subtitles/Language Instructions

How To Turn on Subtitles and Set For Preferred Language

Step 1) Hover your computer mouse over the video. At the bottom of the video, you will see a list of icons.

instructions 1

Step 2) Click the CC icon labeled subtitles/closed captions. This will turn on subtitles/captions.

Inst 3

Step 3) Next click the gear icon next to the CC icon labeled settings.

inst 4

Step 4) You will see the menu below pop up. Click on Subtitles/CC. (Note: If Subtitles are selected Off, please first select English then move forward to the next step if another language other than English is preferred.)


Step 5) You will see the menu below pop up. Click on Auto-translate.


Step 6)

You will see a list of languages pop up. Scroll to find your preferred language and select it. The captions will appear in the video. You are ready to watch!